Intramural Ball Hockey

(after school 2:45-4:00pm)

LogoBallWhat is it?

Intramural ball hockey is played on the tennis courts at St. David’s after school from 2:45-4:00pm in mid November until the Christmas holidays.

Who plays?

Students, teachers, principals and custodians get drafted onto a team.


Sign-ups for ball hockey are available on the physed office window at the start of November.  You will be drafted onto 1 of the 6 teams.  You will need to get your Ball Hockey Permission form (contract) signed and returned to the League Commissioners Mr. Bedic or Mr. Kelly in order to play outside on the tennis courts.

Permission form




  • Goggles on, Don’t break them!
  • No slapshots (Keep stick below waist).
  • Allowed to take wrist shots, snap shots and dangles.
  • No physical contact.
  • Be committed to your team win or lose… it’s all for fun!
  • High fives/Shake hands after games.
  • Report scores to commissioner Bedic or commissioner Kelly.
  • It’s Canada’s National Sport… make it fun for everyone!!!