Celtic Intramural  Basketball


  1. 4 on 4 or 5 on 5.
  1. Only allowed 2 varsity basketball players on court at the same time.
  1. If a player is fouled on the shot automatically count the 2 points.  If fouled not on the shot there will be a throw-in.
  1.  Substitutions may be made at any time.
  1.  If the ball goes out of bounds, the ball will be awarded to the opposite team.
  1. If there is a held ball (“jump ball”), the ball will always go to the defense.
  1. All double dribble, traveling etc. will result in a turnover to the other team and a throw in.

Sign up

Sign up a team of 6-10 players or as a free agent on the physed office window or sign up electronically through this website in September.