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There are 6 balls, on the Blue/red lines (3/side). At the start of the game, both teams must Be touching the wall.

  1. Players Attempt to eliminate members of the opposing team by throwing, not kicking the ball at them. If a player is directly hit by a live ball below the shoulders, then they are out.
  2. If you are out, you go sit on the side of the gym on the bench in the order you were taken out.
  3. If a player catches a “live” ball, then the player who threw it is out, and the player can bring the next player on Their team in line back into the game
  4. A ball that hits the ground, or hits the wall is considered “dead”. IF Deflected off person then Wall and caught, player is safe and the thrower is still safe.
  5. You may only hold one ball at a time For a maximum of 10 seconds and it can be used to deflect other Dodge balls.
  6. If the game is still being played while time expires, the team with the most live players wins that round.

    dodgeball-front-white1Sign up

Sign up a team of 6-10 players or as a free agent on the physed office window or sign up electronically through this website in late October.