Intramural Handball

What is It:

European handball is a sport that is a combination between soccer and basketball.  3 steps, 5 seconds with the ball and try to score on net!   Want more information? Watch the video below.


Number of Players

4 on 4 or 5 vs 5

Starting the Game

Play is initiated by a jump ball at mid court. After each score, the opposing team will receive the ball from the net and continue from there.  Other team gives them “half”.

Playing the Ball

A player is allowed to run three steps with the ball, or hold it for five seconds. A player is not allowed to play the ball with their legs below the knee. A player may not pass the ball in the air with the intention of catching it themselves.  This is an “air double dribble”.

The Crease

Only the goalie is allowed inside the crease.  If the ball is loose in the crease only a defensive player can grab the ball.


You must be outside the crease to score.  No landing in crease when shooting.  No part of foot is inside crease.

Defending the Opponent 

Defensive players are not allowed to obstruct other players on the court.  No physical contact.


Sign up

Sign up a team of 6-10 players or as a free agent on the physed office window or sign up electronically through this website in March.